Deidre & The Dark’s “Bad Day” Is Your Guide To Surviving A Shi:)tty Day

Will teach you how to roll with it like toilette paper

Still from Deidre & the Dark – “Bad Day” (Music Video) YouTube

Brooklyn-based artist Deidre & The Dark taps into all the ways our day can go wrong in her new animated video “Bad Day.” Drenched with pink visuals, “Bad Day” is your guide in converting a shitty day to a good one. Through bouncy rhythms and jaunty choruses, Deidre create a buoyant atmosphere that boosts your mood:

“The song ‘Bad Day’ is what is in my head when everything is going wrong – it’s about keeping your head up and getting through it. I layered chaotic sounds of New York City, technology and even my newborn son crying into the track. But it always comes back to the reassuring mantra to ‘pick yourself up again.’ The talented animator and filmmaker Mark Lopez created this playful, impressionistic world that illustrates how with an “oh well” and an affinity for the bright side, you can turn a pretty bad day around.” shared Deidre.

The track is from Deidre’s debut album Variety Hour, which was released back February 3rdof this year. Check it out: