Hylander’s “Indigo Child” Ft. Dennis Is A Hazy Odyssey Of Emotional Lust

Indietronic symphony

Photo: Courtesy of Exist. Recordings

Rising Aussie artist Hylander takes us on the verge of longing for someone in his debut release “Indigo Child” ft. Dennis. Crafted with a hazy mixture of moody synthesizers, “Indigo Child” showcases Hylander’s aptitude in finding unorthodox ways to refresh some of the overused ingredients of contemporary electronic music. As a classically trained pianist, Hylander cleverly deploys piano elements onto his production while also flirting with R&B inflections. Dennis’ croons amp up the underlining feeling of longing throughout the track that we’re all familiar with:

Connor McLeod is the mastermind behind Hylander who started dipping his toes with electronic music during his second year of university. He’s currently signed to Exist. Recordings and will be releasing more bangers soon, so go stalk him politely in the meantime.