Harmony Byrne’s “Smoke Inside” Is A Bluesy Self-Ode

Express yourself

Photo: Jessica Foley

Aussie artist Harmony Byrne reminds us the importance of expressing your colors when it comes to the art of loving yourself in “Smoke Inside.” It’s a slow-burning, soulful anthem where Harmony’s crispy vocals take the emotional spotlight in the track by channeling the depth and exquisite layers we need to explore/express in our never-ending journey of self-love. Produced by Spoon drummer Jim Eno, “Smoke Inside” is one broody waltz:

“As a child I was told that I was a drama queen. Initially, I mistook this as being a negative aspect of my personality and struggled to express myself. But thankfully, I was also taught to have self-worth, honesty, integrity, and that I only ever need be myself in a world full of frauds. ‘Smoke Inside’ is all about valuing who you are, no matter how wild or tame, and that if someone you love doesn’t let you light up inside, then they are not the match for you.” shared Harmony.

Born as the third of seven children in a Mormon family in Melbourne, Harmony was raised with church hymns. It was during her teenage years where she fell in love with rock’n’roll, which eventually lead her to enrolling in the Waldorf School of the Arts in Melbourne. Since then she’s been making her own mark in the music scene, touring with The Teskey Brothers and making waves across the Australian media.

“Smoke Inside” is from Harmony Byrne’s upcoming LP Heavy Doors, which will be out this fall. If you happen to be in New York in the upcoming weeks, go see her:

5/16 – Freehold in Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY, USA)