Annie Bass’ New EP ‘Control’ Is A Portrait Of Her Own Self-Therapeutic Creativity

A wholehearted, often dark, record

Photo: Daisy Clementine

Usually when we’re feeling lonely, we tend to fall into bad habits (think TV binging with Hot Cheetos & wine). But this doesn’t apply to the rare breeds of humans called musicians – specifically Annie Bass. The gal’s latest EP Control is the byproduct of loneliness that she went through and serves as a portrait of all the existential rollercoaster she experienced. It’s a synthgasmic journey where she takes you from an explosive ambience to broody pop that feel intimate to her and you. Enjoy:

Control was written when I felt alone, and writing music was the only contribution I had to give to myself or anyone else,” she shared. “When you’re in that lonely place it doesn’t matter who loves you, or if you love yourself. But I still needed to write and make music. For a long time it was really the only thing I had.”

Annie will be supporting Owl Eyes later this month, so go see her:

5/16 – The Oratory (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

5/23 – The Grounds of Alexandria (Sydney, NSW, Australia)