Dead Horse Beats’ “Easy Nothing” Is Pessimistic Optimism On Point

Indietronic soul

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Montreal-based artist Dead Horse Beats, the solo project of Patrick Wade, explores the soothing art of pessimistic optimism with his latest single “Easy Nothing.” If you look into Urban Dictionary (the most trustable dictionary ever), a pessimistic optimist is someone who may look all negative on the surface, but inside he/she is a hopeful lunatic. And that’s what “Easy Nothing” nails through lush minimalism and Wade’s vocals that take you on a waltz with your own thoughts. Stream below:

The track is from DHB’s upcoming album Inglaterra, which will be out on May 24th. Btw, if you happen to be in Montreal in the fall, don’t miss him:

9/22 – Piknic Électronik Montréal (Montreal Canada)