Leah Kate Captures The Fun Of Dating No-Buenos In “So Good”

Guilty pleasure pop

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

When it comes to romance, it’s like choosing what type of chicken dish you want: Nashville hot chicken or bland chicken soup. The former will burn you alive next morning in the toilette while the latter is a safety, but life is tasteless without the exquisite spiciness. NYC-based artist Leah Kate captures our self-saboteur tendency to choose the wrong partners in her new piece “So Good.” Glossed with all the hooky elements of mainstream pop and spiced with invigorating rhythmic twists, “So Good” is a playful chic track that hits all of our hedonic spots with its adhesive beats and vocals. Stream below:

Originally from LA, Leah Kate first started making waves by uploading covers on YouTube, which eventually led her in debuting her own EP and playing at both London and New York fashion weeks. She is currently working on new music and will be releasing more goodies in the upcoming weeks, so keep your ears out.