Morgan Gold’s New EP Is A Nod To Chicago’s Hip-Hop & Nocturnal R&B

‘I’ve Seen Enough, I Know What It Does’

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

There is vicarious coolness and nighttime metropolitan spirit that Morgan Gold captures in her new EP I’ve Seen Enough, I Know What It Does. Opening up with her insomniac track “Up All Night,” Morgan’s shimmering vocals along with the cinematic atmosphere channel the sleepless thoughts and lights we often experience living in a sleepless city like Chicago. In “Rebel.” Morgan raps with her grit as the slow-burning background exudes a vibrantly chill atmosphere. But the most notable track is “Bathroom Tiles” where Morgan’s glass-cutting vocals swift between chest-throbbing echoes and punchy meditative one. Stream below:

Produced by J Khaga, the EP is Morgan’s own journey of facing her inner struggles and self-discovery. Originally from Orange County, Morgan has been singing and playing guitar since she was 10 and cites a wide range of artists (from Stevie Wonder to Grateful Dead) as her influences. When she’s not songsmithing, she is acting and doing comedy projects on the side.