Practice Gratitude Groovily With WITHOUT’s “I Want You”

Funky neo-soul

Photo: Courtesy of The Wanderlust

Gratitude is such an underrated form of art that we often forget. UK duo WITHOUT reminds us to always be thankful to our loved ones with their party-topper “I Want You” – a delicious piece of neo-soul that has been dipped with funky layers. It’s amped up with bouncy synths that feel like they’ve been injected with our own childhood hyperactive ADD:

“‘I Want You’ is about someone you can’t live without, it’s a song of gratitude for where you are in life and recognition that you couldn’t make it on your own.” shared the duo.

Ollie and Luke are the masterminds of WITHOUT and also the co-founders of their own record label The Peace. The duo is currently getting ready to roll out more beats this summer, so stay tuned.