Apollo LTD’s “Misfits” Is A Perfect Fit To Your Serotonin Receptors

Pop with some retro magic

Photo: Courtesy of Filter PR

Alternative pop duo Apollo LTD brings a retro flair into the pop soundscape in their new single “Misfits” which – like its title – sounds anachronistic. It doesn’t seem to fully belong to this era nor to another one. Layered with vintage-like atmosphere and built with swelling synths, “Misfits” is a timeless piece that reflects on our longing in finding own niche:

“‘Misfits’ is a song about feeling like you don’t fit in, but realizing that actually might be ok” says Adam Stark. “It’s realizing where you belong in the world, rather than if you belong. Embracing our differences is what makes this life beautiful.” shared the duo.

Comprised of Jordan Phillips and Adam Stark, Apollo LTD broke into the scene with their self-titled EP back in 2015, which made waves across press and playlists. But they didn’t magically form overnights – before Apollo LTD, the duo went through a series of gigs ranging from swim coaching to substitute teacher. “Misfits” is just a taste of what the duo has in store for us this year along with tour dates:

5/30 – Levitt Pavilion Dayton (Dayton, OH, USA)

5/31 – Smiling Moose (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

6/2 – Union Stage (Washington, DC, USA)

6/4 – Motorco Music Hall (Durham, NC, USA)

6/12 – Neighborhood Theatre (Charlotte, NC, USA)

6/14 – The Burl (Lexington, KY, USA)

6/23 – The Firebird (St. Louis, MO, USA)