From Lust To Reality, Jamie Lane’s “Desire” Is An Ode To Our Own Insecurities


Artwork/Photo: Yarden Lavy/Yazz Jensen

Aussie artist Jamie Lane taps into our own fear and insecurity of not being in control in his new single “Desire,” a buoyant piece of synthpop that exhibits a dreamy air built with soaring bass-lines and crispy choruses. But “Desires” does not merely tap into our own vulnerability – it offers an honest picture that comes with self-acceptance. Stream below:

“‘Desire’ is purely an expression of frustration from feeling out of control and uncertain of the future and how these feelings work to alienate people from me. The title signifies my ‘desire’ for the potential I see to become reality, something I’m willing to sacrifice a lot to achieve but questioning whether it’ll be worth it in the end.”

The track is from Jamie’s upcoming debut EP Minimal Haze,which will be out on June 20th.