Mauwe Wants You To Own Your Moves In “Ain’t It Magical”

Dance to your own rhythm.

Photo: Courtesy of Infectious PR

Bristol-based duo Mauwe reignites our carefree dancing spark with their latest pop single “Ain’t It Magical,” a stellar indietronic piece that has been polished with hooky intricacies. It’s the type of track that you would imagine yourself dancing in the dark at an underground club or broad daylight in the middle of the park. Enjoy:

“‘Ain’t It Magical’ is a song for the people out there who feel they are dancing to a

different beat. The individuals who want something more and the creatives that are tired of the same regurgitated social routines. We wrote it based on that feeling that can often creep up at a party… when you aren’t connecting with the people around you, or even that you’re not remotely on the same wavelength.” shared the duo.

Comprised of Portia and Jay, Mauwe broke 5.5 million Spotify streams with their debut That’s Alland have been firing the playlists as well as radio. Make sure to keep them under your radar for more magic.