Company Ink’s “Young Milk” Is For All Of Us Who Sucked At Baking As A Kid

You’re not alone

Photo: Eline Kjøl Berg

Norwegian bratpop duo Company Ink wants you to know that they sucked at baking as children like a lot of us did in new single “Young Milk.” No matter how many measuring cups, whisker, piping bags, and sprinklers you were given, some unavoidable fuckup happened along the way. Through gritty vocals and smashing beats, Company Ink boxes us into the coming-of-age realization that pastry chef won’t happen in this lifetime. Blast this out loud as you cry watching your pastry dreams burn like your last bread in the oven:

“It’s about how I always loved to bake as a kid even though I sucked at it; and later coming to terms with the fact that I’ll never ever be a pastry chef” shared the duo.

Comprised of Axel Olsen and Daragh Wearen Murphy, Company Ink is getting ready to roll out their new EP on May 31stvia Propeller Recordings, so stay tuned