Loving’s “Nihilist Kite Flyer” Is A Dreamy Flight To Our Own Nihilism

A combo of nihilism, Xanax and pure fizzling euphoria

Photo: Harold Hejazi

If you need a song to get you into chill mode, then we prescribe you Loving’s “Nihilist Kite Flye.r” The Canadian trio’s latest offering is filled with floaty vocals and drizzling synths that lets you easily slip into a Xanaxed headspace. Perfect to relax, meditate, and cool off:

Comprised of David Perry and sibling Lucas and Jess Henderson, Loving formed years ago when the trio spent summers working together in the British Columbia’s forests. They self-released their debut EP, which has already garnered 21 million streams worldwide. The trio has recently signed to Last Gang Records and will be releasing a full-length record this fall. For more deets, go ask them:

7/20 – Capitol Hill Block Party (Seattle, WA, USA)