Seeb, Olivia O’Brien & Space Primates’ “Fade Out” Is A Chic 90s Throwback

A very Millennial youth

Photo: Courtesy of Island Records

Hitmaking duo Seeb join forces with London producers Space Primates and rising artist Olivia O’Brien in “Fade Out” – a sun-kissed synthpop track that reignites the spark of summer romance. The video is a 90s throwback where we see box-shaped TV screens and CD players as Olivia lives her youth in Millennial fashion:

“The song is written by us, Space Primates and Olivia together with Asia Whitacre and Jim Lavigne who both are extremely talented songwriters that we hope to work more with in the future. We’ve actually been working on this song for a long time now, and it feels good to finally let our fans hear it!” shared Seeb.

“I’m so happy to be featured on this track with Seeb. Working with them was really fun and I hope everyone likes it! It’s super dancey and I think it will be a great vibe for summer” shared Olivia.

“Fade Out” is out now via Island Records.