Ceraadi Teaches Us A Quid Pro Quo Lesson On “Loyal”

Fuck the Pareto chart

Photo: Courtesy of Island Records

LA-based sibling duo Ceraadi teaches us a simple math lesson on trust in their new single “Loyal.” Through clever wordplay and infectious rap choruses, the duo taps into the importance of 50/50 principle in any relationship involving trust. If you feel like you’re dating or friending someone where trust feels like a Pareto chart, then blast “Loyal” and weed them outta your life:

“If you’re loyal to me, I’ll be loyal to you. ‘Loyal’ is about being able to trust someone. Trusting that what we say is what we mean. It’s something we ‘NEED’ in a relationship. It’s a 50/50 thing.  In previous relationships, we both have found out that the person was dating multiple people. It hurt a lot. Why couldn’t they have been loyal or even honest enough to break up with us beforehand?  It’s something everyone goes through. Like stop playing games! Do you want to be with us or what?! Haha!” shared Ceraadi.

Comprised of Siyr and Emaza, Ceraadi broke into the scene with their viral YouTube channel for their vides on fashion, beauty, music and relationship advice. Since then they’ve gone to release viral singles such as “Active” and “Kung Pao” independently. “Loyal” is out now via Roc Nation/Island Records. The duo is set to play at Coca-Cola stage in this year’s BET in LA. They’re currently on tour:

5/18 – The Mirage (Columbus, OH, USA)

5/19 – McGowan Hall (Idnianapolis, IN, USA)

5/25 – Winston-Salem Fair Grounds (Greensboro, NC, USA)

5/26 – Medallion Center (Columbia, SC, USA)