Gaspar Narby’s Shares Long-Distance WhatsApp Relationship In “An Absentee”

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Photo: Courtesy of Charm Factory

London-based, Swiss producer Gaspar Narby floods us with the sense of longing for someone in “An Absentee” – a gorgeous floodgate of ethereal atmosphere that takes you into a dreamy fluid state. The video, directed by Swiss visual artist Yolane Rais, features two characters who seem to face their own loneliness in different times. It’s a slow-burning ballad where Gaspar delineates the irreplaceable presence of his loved one no matter how digitally connected we are. Watch below:

“Today, we are connected like never before, which can create beautiful things, but paradoxically, I find myself feeling increasingly alone,” Narby shared. “Sometimes, the absence of someone can fill your entire existence. Their ghost just follows you everywhere. I wrote ‘An Absentee’ to slow dance with my ghost.”

The track is the follow up of Gaspar’s debut EP A Stare Makes Two, which was released last December and has been making buzz for its atmospheric charm. Check out below: