HAVVK Wants You To Rock Out Your Gender However You Want In “Shifting Shape”

Gender’s fluid

Photo: Courtesy of A Badge Of Friendship

UK trio HAVVK takes traditional gender norms and butchers it with rallying cry for freedom in new rock single “Shifting Shape.” It’s highly satisfying and sung through skyrocketing vocals that meets resistance with release in the ongoing war of gender barriers. Through cathartic spasms and smashing percussions, HAVVK hits us bullseye with a glorious DGAF attitude:

“We should be living in a world where guys can express vulnerability and where women can wear whatever they want without hearing words like ‘tomboy’ or ’slut’. The song is about wanting the safety and freedom to live your life without these constraints.” shared HAVVK.

“Shifting Shape” is from HAVVK’s upcoming debut album Cause & Effect, which will be out on November 22nd.