Hopium Breaks Down The Instatoxicity Of Social Media In “I Forget My Name” Ft. Jafaris

R&B/Hip-hop meets Instapleasure

Still from Hopium – I Forget My Name feat. Jafaris (Official Video) YouTube

UK artist Hopium peels the layers of toxic addiction and helpless despair that get infected with through social media in his new single “I Forget My Name” ft. Jafaris, where he hits our reward center immediately like a new Insta follower. Through its slow-burning, breathy vocals, “I Forget My Name” analyzes the blasé obsession that dominates our minds in the age of Instagratification. If you feel like your own selfhood is getting defined by the so-called social influencers and incessant ads on your feed, then “I Forget My Name” is a friendly reminder to do some Insta fasting:

The track roots back to Hopium’s complicated relationship with social media. “Instagram must be the best thing that ever happened for brands. They barely need to sell to us anymore – we sell to each other. We’re so desperate to be part of something we cover ourselves in logos and names. We spend money we don’t have to project the idea of a perfect life out to even more people, continuing the illusion that just wearing something could bring anything more than a fleeting happiness.” shared Hopium.

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