Siddhartha’s “Película” Is A Cinematic Time Capsule Of Past & Future

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Still from Siddhartha – Película YouTube

Siddhartha hopscotches between past and future in his new video “Película” (“Film”) where we see a couple go through the highs and lows of their relationship through a vintage cinematic lens. The retro look into the couple’s past resonates the way our own memories play in our brain – we always remember the best and the worst through dim illustrations that are fragments of our own relationships. They’re emotional imprints in our brain that we rely on when we imagine our future – watch below:

The track is from Sidhhartha’s new album Memoria Futuro Vol. I, which is out now. Go see Siddhartha in person next month:

6/5 – House of Blues (San Diego, CA, USA)

6/6 – Exchange LA (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

6/7 – House of Blues (Anaheim, CA, USA)

12/6 – Auditorio Nacional (Mexico City, Mexico)

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