Evangeline’s “The Strangest Thing” Ft. LOVER Is A Groovy Dance With Intimacy & Strangers

Heartbreak never sounded this waltzy

Photo: Charlie Ashfield

Aussie artist Evangeline recruits the vocals of Sydney artist LOVER on her new alternative version of “The Strangest Thing” where we’re pulled into a groovy dance with intimacy and heartbreak. From invigorating yelps to breathy intensity, “The Strangest Thing” is a reflection of the blasé loneliness and foreign feeling that comes with emotional absence in any intimate relationship. Enjoy:

In regards to the track, LOVER shared, “Evangeline and I met in Los Angeles last year when we were both over there for writing sessions. She was wearing the dopest outfit from Joyrich and had the wildest energy, so I was really hoping to get a song together. She sent me The Strangest Thing hooka few months later (she was in Melbourne and I was Sydney) and I was instantly in love with the track. Sometimes relationships get stuck in a cycle where there’s more physical intimacy then emotional, and before you know it, you’re strangers to each other. It was one of those things where I think we both intuitively got the vibe and 3 days later I sent through my vocals and we had the track wrapped up.”

“The Strangest Thing is about loving someone and feeling them fall out of love with you.” explained Evangeline. “You’re then left with the ghost of that person and you are begging them to just give you their love again. It’s all about coming to the realisation that they are not who they used to be. “It’s the strangest thing when you’re the stranger I used to know”