PLYA Applies Newton’s Third Law To Optimism In “Fever”

When you’ve hit the lowest of lowest to the point it can’t possibly get any worse

Photo: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity

UK trio PLYA reminds that for every shitty situation there is an opposite positive situation that will be coming in new single “Fever.” If you ever found yourself in the lowest point of your life, then you know that as long as you’re trying hard to get out of that situation, it just can’t continue getting worse. The track is a broody dreamy piece that is built on ethereal swells and seamlessly pitch-shifting vocals that channels the undeniable sense of hope we find even in the worst situations:

“’Fever’ is about the comfort of knowing that things can only get better once you’re feeling your worst, and accepting that sometimes it takes a while to reach the turning point in order to self-reflect,” revealed vocalist Julia Sykes, “It’s using that hurt, pain and despair to make you stronger.”

The track is from PLYA’s upcoming EP Still In Love, which will be out on June 5.