Llovers’ “Coming Loose” Is A Groovy Synopsis Of Our Own Anxiety Caused By Other Humans

Psychedelic pop

Photo: Milly Hutchcraft

UK quintet Llovers pivots around anxiety caused by a halfhearted relationship in new single “Coming Loose.” With blazing vibrato, the track is a deceitfully sunny psychedelic piece where the ruminative lyrics echo the uneasiness that comes when you’re with someone who has one foot in and out of the door. It’s bittersweet as the swelling keys and fizzing percussions buoy you like Xanax, but at the same time the lyrics navigates the emotional heftiness of being with someone who is clearly half-assing it:

“‘Coming Loose’ deals with the anxieties that can come from being in a relationship, specifically one in which there’s little affection given from a paramour on the surface. It describes these feelings while also establishing which is used as a form of comfort within the narrative of the track” shared co-frontman Jack Brooks.

Produced by Chad Male (Cape Cub), “Coming Loose” is an upcoming taste of their debut EP Things That I Don’t Understand, which they haven’t shared any release dates yet. Go ask them in person:

26 May – Radio’s 1 Big Weekend

09 June – Music Box Festival, Darlington

14 July – Wasteland Festival, Newcastle

13 Sept – The Georgian Theatre, Stockton