Aaron Beri Explores Lust In His New 90s Risqué R&B Single “Naked”

Meet the model-turned-musician

Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Sydney-based, UK artist Aaron Beri takes us on a carnal odyssey of desires and 90s vibe with his latest work “Naked,” a risqué piece of R&B that swells with his vocal euphoria. The track blooms into vivid dreams that has been filtered directly from our subconscious desires where Aaron exercises his pitch-shifting versatility that goes from high notes to smoky echoes. “Naked” helps us demolish our own self-imposed boundaries of timidity on carnal pleasure and instead embraces it fully, sending hair-raising electricity through our skin. It’s an analysis of our animalistic desire at its most raw state:

In regards to the track, Aaron shared, “The inspiration behind Naked was to take the nostalgic sound from 90’s R&B music and melt it with today’s current pop sound; to create something smooth, sensual and sexy.”

Co-produced with award-winning producer Audius, “Naked” is just a taste of Aaron has in store for us this year. If he looks suspiciously familiar, you’re not drunk yet (maybe tipsy). Aaron has worked as a high fashion model in New York in the past few years and even had a stint in a London law school before deciding to dive into making music full time. He is currently working on his debut album, which is still in the works. Make sure to follow his Instagram.