Astrid S Reaffirms That First Love Is A Curse/Blessing In “The First One”

Pop for the first heartbreak

Photo: Courtesy of Island Records

Norwegian poptress Astrid S gives the ultimate love song titled “The First One,” where she shuffles through the pain and excitement of first romance. Whether your first love was a curse or blessing, “The First One” is starry pop that has been glossed with the euphoria and aching longing of the unforgettable emotional rollercoaster in your past. Enjoy:

“‘The First One’ is about how your first love can affect you for a long time, often at the expense of your later relationships. I got to sing this song on tour before it was released which was a really cool experience because I was able to see everyone’s reaction and people’s faces when they heard the song for the first time. I’m so excited to put it out for everyone to hear it!” shared Astrid S.

You probably heard of Astrid S from her Charli XCX co-written pop hit “someone New” and “Emotion” (which broke 20 million streams already). The gal has recently wrapped up tour with her fellow Scandinavian artist Zara Larsson.