Mae Muller’s “Anticlimax” Is For All Of Us Who Are Cooler Than Our Exes

“I used to think you were kinda cool”

Photo: Courtesy of Grandstand Media

London-based artist Mae Muller gives us another adieu anthem to our exes in her latest single “Anticlimax.” Produced by Jimmy Napes (Sam Smith, Disclosure, Mary J Blige), “Anticlimax” is a smooth burning R&B piece where Mae gently chants about the disillusionment towards her past love and the shiny realization that she is so much cooler than any on her ex list. The sparse synthesizers let Mae’s vocals be the emotional engine of the song as she taps into a sour subject with an undeniable air of coolness:

In regards to her new single, Mae explained, “‘Anticlimax’ is a feel-good song about a not so good situation. I wanted to capture that feeling of disappointment when you’ve liked someone for ages and then you finally end up giving it a go and it’s nothing like what you thought it would be! It all works out in the end though because it made me realise my worth and that I don’t have time for a time waster!”

“Anticlimax” is just a taste of Mae’s upcoming badassery this year.