Nick De La Hoyde Taps Into Unconditional Love In New Visceral Single “Animals”

Coastal pop

Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

“I’m addicted to you / I hope you know that I’m a fool for your love” sings Nick de la Hoyde in his new single “Animals.” The Sydney-based artist’s newest offering pivots around unconditional love and the way it can bring the best/worst animal in us. Through sun-kissed surf guitars and glittering percussions, Nick jettison us into a warm soundscape where he encapsulates us in a the exhilarating and often ambivalent state of falling for someone. Within the starry-eyed atmosphere, Nick reminds us that even pure unconditional love isn’t perfect – “Love is turning us into animals / You’ve got teeth I’ve got scars” he chants. The video shows a romance between a panda and tiger who captures the playfulness we experience when we are with our loved ones. But beyond the fluffy masks, it is also a reminder of our own animalistic need to be loved and the mad lengths we’re willing to go:

“Animals” is a song about love! I wrote the song because I am constantly in awe of the unconditional love that I see in all animals, whether in the wild or the ones we are blessed to share our homes with! No matter what sort of day you have had, or how bad you are feeling, when you get home you are greeted with love and affection that puts a smile back on your face. Human beings can learn a lot from animals, and real, unconditional love is the biggest lesson your can learn from them and one that we should put into practice in our own lives” shard Nick.

Nick grew up in a multi-cultural household (his mom is Syrian while his dad is British), which may have influenced his openness in exploring and blending different genres. His previous works have been featured across radio stations (BBC, Sirius XM, iHeart, etc.) and Billboard charts. For his latest track “Animals,” Nick teamed up with his longtime producer/collaborator/brother Joseph de la Hoyde, who also goes by the name ZUZU. You can follow Nick on Instagram.