aiwake Soundtracked Our ADHD In “Tonight (Sundown)”

For the distracted generation

Photo: Courtesy of Fussy By Day

Back in November 2010, Science published an article titled “A Wandering Mind Is an Unhappy Mind” by Mathew A. Killingsworth and Daniel T. Gilbert. The article talked about how distractions prevented us from being in the present and thus made us unhappier. Canadian duo aiwake reiterates this notion in a dreamier and more digestible way in their new single “Tonight (Sundown).” The track is smudged with R&B and electronic colors that wraps us with our daily desire to belong and the incessant distractions that keeps us from finding our own niche. Stream below:

“Endless seeking. Hunting for some sort of satisfaction, with no clarity as to what it looks like and no end game in sight. Sometimes life passes by while we are trying too hard to live it. Sometimes we look right through the very thing we are searching for. These are symptoms of the age of distraction. We all take part. True contentment, while undeniably fleeting, seems to fall into place on its own more often than it can be contrived. ‘Tonight (Sundown)’ is written from this experience. From the moment we finally settle into the place we feel we belong.” shared aiwake.

Comprised of Dorian Voos and Euan Robertson, aiwake are Toronto-based duo who make broody yet buoyant sound. “Tonight (Sundown)” is available everywhere via Majestic Casual.