ELM’s “Fear” Is An Ode To Me-Love

Dance Pop

Photo: Courtesy of Lucid Group

Dublin-based quartet ELM makes starry-eyed pop through airy beats layered with dreamy goopiness that feel like a dancey serenade. Their latest single “Fear” is a breathy, elestial piece that speaks to how self-acceptance strengthens our own sense of self. Produced by MyRiot (London Grammar, Rae Morris, Halsey), it is a waltzy electropop piece where the cello strums and breezy tune echo the quartet’s vulnerabilities:

Comprised of Dylan Walsh (vocals), Aidan Clancy (piano/synths), Gary Molloy (cello), and Ca Ahearne (drums), ELM has been taking the molecules of pop music and disarming it into new shapes with their own flair and unorthodox instruments.  “I guess the main thing about ELM is that I feel like we write truthful dance-pop bangers,” shared vocalist Dylan. “We’re just telling our stories through lighthearted dance songs because not everything has to be so serious.”