GRAE’s “New Girl” Is Made Of Evocative R&B And Shi:)tty Exes

Indie R&B

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Toronto-based artist GRAE helps us detox any bad ex juju with her latest single “New Girl” – a hauntingly gorgeous R&B piece where GRAE’s pitch-shifting versatility and aerated beats yield a sweet therapeutic soundscape. Her emotional realizations border on grit where GRAE pairs her anger with self-empowering introspection to get over an ex who met and went beyond her expectations. Yup, the only time when your ex actually meets/surpasses your expectations is in the shittiness scale:

“I wrote ‘New Girl’ when I found out my ex-boyfriend of a couple years ended up with the exact girl he told me not to worry about when we were together. I found out on my birthday so it made for a pretty shit day but was also a great opportunity moment for a song.” shared the gal.

GRAE has been making music since the age of 10 and started making buzz when she relocated to Australia for 9 months where she started playing at local cafes and venues. “New Girl” is from GRAE’s upcoming debut EP, which was produced by UK-based singer/songwriter KYAN. Further details will be coming soon.