Jett Kwong’s “Cream” Is A Sketch Of Our Lust For Delusional Perfection

Experimental pop

Photo: @ellynjameson

“People see what they want to see and what people want to see never has anything to do with the truth.” – Roberto Bolaño

We’ve all been guilty of intentionally blinding ourselves from seeing the reality as Chilean writer Bolaño pointed out. It’s not even a guilty pleasure – it’s a habit. Jett Kwong nails our penchant for seeing what we want to see – and even stretching our imagination – in her latest experimental pop single “Cream” where she specifically taps into our self-deceiving tendency to overidealize a someone and the memories related to that individual. “Cream” extends gracefully, where each string and synth move like branches that sprout from the dark corners of the earth. Using Chinese guzheng in her soundscape, Jett crystallizes her ballad with classiness that serve as shortcuts to her own cultural roots to her listeners. Stream below:

In regards to the influence behind her track, Jett explained, “I was inspired by the realization that we all, including myself, fall prey to the romanticization of history, and the exoticism of Asia and Asian people. This to me is a legacy of colonialism, and that lens is particularly interesting when I apply them to my own family’s stories of surviving war, flourishing in post WWII Hong Kong, and immigrating to the US”

In celebration of her single release, Jett will be performing at Chungking Studio in LA tonight.  Go see her:

5/30 – Chungking Studio (Los Angeles, CA, USA)