Tanners Finds The Cure For Urban Claustrophobia In New Video “Venus”

Remedy for city-induced blues

Photo: Dannah Gottlieb

New York-based artist Tanners finds the most unorthodox therapist to cure her city-induced restlessness in new video “Venus.” And by ‘therapist,’ we’re referring to the graceful pole dancer Samantha Bergeron who hypnotizes Tanners out of her urban moodiness through her fluid motions. Co-produced with Mike MaCallister (Björk) and mastered by Mandy Parnell (Jamie XX, Aphex Twin), “Venus” channels the feeling of chaotic claustrophobia we often face when we return back to our breakneck city life after spending time in a peaceful place:

The track reflects the “dramatic mood-shifts from the verse to the chorus which mirrored a lot of what I was feeling at the time; a massive comedown and a bright afterglow” shared Tanners. “The character I play is apathetic, irritated, and just generally in a bad mood while she’s reluctantly dragged around to parties by her friends. But there’s a shift when she comes in contact with Samantha,” she continued. “Through her fluid movement, she represents a state of mind that [Tanners] constantly strives for in everyday life. She’s graceful, serene, and quite literally going with the flow.”

Make sure to catch the gal in person next month if you happen to be in New York:

6/27 – Elsewhere Zone One (Brooklyn, NY, USA)