Deanna Petcoff Lets The Hellgates Of What-Ifs Loose In “Stage Lights”

Time to do some mental yoga

Photo: Courtesy of Auteur Research

Toronto-based artist Deanna Petcoff takes us in a what-if state of mind with her latest single “Stage Lights” – an indie pop piece where the gal stretches our imagination to all the alternative routes/decisions we could’ve taken. Based on her own experience meeting a nomadic artist (and being a touring nomad herself), “Stage Lights” lets us indulge in our own imagination on te life we almost (well, kinda) could’ve had:

“‘Stage Lights’ poured out of me as a sort of what if fantasy. What if I pursued him? What would it be like to be in love with a nomad? Can you truly get to know someone when it’s long distance? Could I be a stay-at-home wife? What if we both toured and never saw each other? Would I ever be happy?” shared Deanna.

Big shoutout to Deanna’s bassist/friend Dylan Burrett for nudging her to making “Stage Lights” a song.