DYGL’s “Spit It Out” Is A Cry Against Silence-Induced Insanity


Photo: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity

Japanese indie quartet defies orthodox norms of society in their new garage piece “Spit It Out.” The track is mostly influenced by their own experiences living in a strict culture where expressing one’s own thoughts on politics and sexuality is frowned upon – which can drive anyone insane. “Spit It Out” is a track that breaks that silence and offers a sizzling trip where you get to shoegaze while pouring out all the repressive baggage you’ve hoarded to fit into society. It’s hard to be human:

“’Spit It Out’ stands for the idea of saying whatever you want. In Japan, so many people have started to be more conservative over these past few years. Talking about politics and sexuality and these kinds of things is sometimes offensive to Japanese society, so people try to be quiet but it’s really stressful for everyone. These lyrics are based on that: to say what you want to say if you think it’s important.” shared frontman Nobuki Akiyama.

The track is from the quartet’s upcoming new album Songs Of Innocence & Experience, which will be out on July 3rd. They’ll be hosting an album release show the following day, so go see them:

6/8 – Lion Coffee + Records (London, UK)

7/4 – The Lexington (London, UK)