metsä’s “All Night” Ft. Lolaby Is Perfect Nocturnal Party Anthem For Your Herban Friends


Photo: metsä Instagram

In this screen-saturated age, it’s necessary to take some break from the busy digital world and soak on nature with your herban friends while still having wifi access (coz you still need to gram this). A herban is a happy urban dweller who keeps connected with nature by taking frequent breaks in nature – but you can still reach them via text. Whether you’re the herban or have herban friends, metsä’s “All Night” ft. Lolaby is the perfect banger to party while being under the stars with Mother Nature. Through breathy celestial vocals and sprinkling keys, “All Night” blossoms into a surreal nocturnal anthem that nourishes your chill mental state while also waltzing you with its breezy melody:

Maxwell Predergast is the mastermind behind metsä, which means forest in Finnish. He is currently based in Washington State and has opened for acts such as Louis Futon, Chet Porter, Elohim, and many more. From his moniker, there’s like 69% chance he might be herban too.