Lust Turns To Dust In Technicolor Fabrics New Carnal Video “Trato”

“I Try”

Still from Technicolor Fabrics – Trato (Video Oficial) YouTube

Through stunning pale landscapes and carnal visuals, Technicolor Fabrics captures lust that has become dust in new video “Trato” (“I Try”). The track channels the emotional transition we go through a breakup where the tug-of-war between anger and forgiveness can swing our mood to extreme ends. The video, directed Andrés Solis and Melissa Grijalva, shows the band among a diverse crowd who are intimately close to each other, but show no attachment on their expressions. Watch below:

“Trato” is from the quartet’s latest album Presente, which was released back in May 31stof this year. TF will be hitting the road soon, so go see them:

6/20 – El Pato (Ensenada, Mexico)

6/21 – Kassa Co. (Mexicali, Mexico)

6/22 – Black Box Tijuana (Tijuana, Mexico)