Las Aves’ “A Change Of Heart” Is A Story Of Love From Screen To Reality


Still from Las Aves – A Change Of Heart YouTube

French pop trio Las Aves tells us the love story of two young girls who initially meet on a TV show, but decide to leave the screen world to pursue a genuine relationship in the real world in “A Change Of Heart.” Built on slickly sharp croons and smoky melody that stretches with both hope and despair, “A Change Of Heart” is a song that feels like both the beginning and end of a an affair. The video, shot by Jules Cassignol in Hong Kong, follows the narrative arc of desperation and hope:

Speaking of the song, Las Aves’ Geraldine Baux explained, “At the end of the song, I read a verse from a Catalan poem by Joan Salvat-Papasseit. It means ‘Nothing is miserly, because there’s a song in each wisp of a thing.’ That resumes pretty much the state of mind we were into when making the album: gathering the ashes of our fucked up love stories and making it into something beautiful to our own eyes.”

“A Change Of Heart” is from Las Aves’ upcoming album I’ll Never Give Up On Love Until I Can Put A Name On It, which is still in the works. The trio will be touring this fall:

10/2 – IBoat (Bordeaux, France)

10/3 – Le Rex de Toulouse (Toulouse, France)

10/4 – Le Temps Machine (Joue Les Tours, France)

10/17 – Le 106 (Deville-les-rouen, France)

10/18 – Cuizines (Chelles, France)

10/24 – La Gaîté Lyrique (Paris, France)