WILDES Reminds Us Of The Fluidity Of Love In “True Love”

Folk pop

Photo: Harriet Lee Brown

UK artist WILDES pays homage to love at its fluid, boundless form in her latest single “True Love.” And the track doesn’t have to be towards someone – it can be directed to one’s self as it celebrates love in all forms. With tints of folk and swelling atmosphere, “True Love” is a track that keeps you at the catharsis from the start:

“‘True Love’ is about showing someone who feels undeserving of happiness just how deserving they are, and trying to inspire wonder in them again” explained Wildes, “We all have a true love, no matter our gender, sexuality, or race, but sometimes we need to be reminded to cross those boundaries we set for ourselves, fall in love and claim our happiness again.”

The track is from WILDES’ upcoming second record, which will be out this fall.