All The Rest’s “Backburner” Goes Out To All Your Parasitic Frienemies

Basically, anyone who hits you up with ‘can you do me a favor’ text

Photo: Courtesy of Love By Mistake

As social mammals, we are caught in a complex web of relationships that can be categorized as symbiotic, mutual, or parasitic by its nature. Indie pop quartet All The Rest addresses the parasitic type in their new single “Backburner” – a lighthearted, ruminative piece that is dedicated to all your parasitic frienemies who only hit you up whenever they need a favor. Although the track it’s a sour theme, it has a funk-tinted magnetism that draws you into its foot-stomping rhythm. Enjoy:

“I wanted to write a song about the people who just want to use me. The kind of people who only hit you up when they want something from you. When you have nothing to offer, you’re nothing to them.” shared singer Baylee Waller.

Comprised of Baylee, Caleb Smith (guitar), Tre Housman (bass, dude with the coolest name), and Jud Harris (drums), All The Rest is a band that was born in a basement somewhere in Senoia, GA. The quartet will be playing some shows in the upcoming weeks, so go see them:

6/14 – Vinyl (Atlanta, GA, USA)

6/22 – The Masquerade (Atlanta, GA, USA)