Floral Shop Makes Chilluminating Music

Their EP ‘PARASOLS’ is, like, super chill

Photo: Marvin Schwienheer

German quartet Floral Shop distorts indietronica pop by infusing it with bubbly synths and guitar-bleached rock to manufacture the most comfy, mind-orgasming sound. Their latest EP PARASOLSis a testament that they’re the chilluminati of today – its opener “Out Of Touch” feels like a faded discoball that keeps you floated between the dancefloor and ceiling. “Around” is a whirlwind of stomping beats and hazy choruses that you get sucked into immediately. “ISO” sends tangible sparks to your hair follicles despite its abstraction and “Anyplace” is a dark, momentum-building track that channels longing through its strumming chords and drums. Enjoy:

“A lot of the atmosphere we try to evoke is often already there in the first version of an idea, a guitar riff, a synth sound” explained producer and keyboarder Marvin Mauelshagen with singer Igor Franjić adding, “It’s putting together the pieces, painting the bigger picture that turned out to be a long and demanding challenge.”

Comprised of two Marvins, Igor, and Simon, Floral Shop released their first single “Around” back in fall 2017 and has been making buzz across the indietronica scene in Germany. Make sure to keep up with the four via Instagram.