Jerad Finck’s “Home” Is A Sonic GPS To Find Your Nest

Soulful pop

Photo: Courtesy of Fifth Element

Spokane-based artist Jerad Finck offers us a melodic GPS to all of us who may have literally and figuratively forgotten our home in new single “Home.” Whether you recently moved and totally forgot your new home address or feel like you lost your way in life, “Home” is a soulful piece that channels the sentiments of longing and belonging that we constantly seek. Enjoy:

“‘Home’ is a song that was cathartic for me in a sense that no matter what, no matter how far you go, or how bad things can seem, there is always a way back, there is always a way back to where you started, or why or where you began in the first place,” says Finck. “There is something about that initial starting point, that fire or spark, that inspiration, that leads to so many amazing things, and basically if you did it once, you can do it again. For me, it was a reflection on that sentiment, both on the micro and macro level, applying to anything you truly care about. It’s a simple premise, but I just felt like it was one that the world should hear, especially now. For me, music is always thematic and cinematic, I want it to be a feeling or scene that brings the listener to a place outside of the moment, a place all its own.” shared Jerad.

The track is Jerad’s previous track “New Kids,” which amassed more than two million Spotify streams. He recently signed with OneRPM and is getting ready for his UK debut, so stay tuned.