Saint Slumber’s “Mantra” Is An All-In Rock Anthem

Pure, sticky rock

Photo: Courtesy of Blackbox LA

While it’s always nice to have options, there are moments in your life where you have to risk everything and go all in – think of the times when you had to fight your friends/frienemies to NOT put olives in the BYO pizza menu. You had to go all the way to fight for what was right and true to your heart. Saint Slumber channels that passion and devotion – but beyond the edible scale – in their new single “Mantra,” a taste of their upcoming EP YOUTH//3. Comprised of all the molecules of classic rock, “Mantra” has a stomping rhythmic skeleton that buzzes through your veins with its operatic notes and grand-sized vocals. It’s a track that doesn’t just ring within your system but stays with you:

“Choosing the first single for our new record was an important process for us. YOUTH//3isn’t just a ‘new EP’ for Saint Slumber, it’s the final installment in what we consider to be our debut record: the YOUTH//trilogy. It marks the completion of us finding our voice, finding our sound, and there was no better song to signify that than ‘Mantra.’ ‘Mantra’ is the distillation of every song we’ve ever written, it’s the sound that you can hear us trying to find on our first two records, YOUTH//1and YOUTH//2. It’s a song about idealization, about placing everything you have on one hope, one dream, one person, and it serves as our thesis statement as a band” shared the trio.

YOUTH//3 will be out on August 16th.