NKOS Brings Retro New Wave To Post-Punk Soundscape

Listen to their debut single “Little Miss Numb”

Photo: Courtesy of Lost In The Manor

Bringing the shades of 80s new wave to modern post-punk soundscape, NKOS makes dark upbeat sound that is layered with an array of different auto-tunes that become a synthphony. Their debut single “Little Miss Numb” is polished with the anthemic edginess of a dance anthem, but heftily coated with blazing synths. It’s dense, trippy, and kaleidoscopic simultaneously – perfect for an nighttime activity (except sleeping):

“Our main inspiration has always been Eighties and Nineties new wave and English trip-hop,” shared NKOS. “Our sound is a development of that stuff with modern electronics. NKOS is multifaceted because it easily goes from dark to light and it does so without fear.”

NKOS is comprised of four musicians who hail from different places including Rome, Paris, Austria, Poland and the Apennine Mountains. The quartet were formed by serendipity and the Internet where their penchant for techno and industrial music yielded a creative bond. Currently signed to Beatbuzz Records, “Little Miss Numb” is NKOS debut and a glimpse of what they have in store for us this year.