The Bliss’ Debut EP ‘Heaven If You Want It’ Is A Compilation Of Madness & Desire


Photo: Zachary Gray

The Bliss, the collaborative project between Felix Snow and Chelsea Davenport, captures desire through their starry pop sound in their debut EP Heaven If You Want It. The six-track EP explores romance at different stages and forms over glittering synths and stomping rhythms that yield a dance-inducing magnetism. Stream below:

Speaking on the EP, Chelsea shared, “We have put so much time and energy into this body of work and this isn’t even a quarter of the amount of music we have created for The Bliss. These songs were all made in different seasons of our life, and different stages of our relationship. We are so grateful to be doing what we do.”

Felix is originally from Connecticut while TYSM is from Seguin, Texas. They met by serendipity at the Rose Bowl’s Vegan Beer Fest in Pasadena, CA, which eventually lead them to their creative partnership. Heaven If You Want Itis the duo’s debut EP and is out now via Atlantic Records.