Xtevie’s “Dollars & Your Tongue” Is A Song About Economics & Extracurriculars

All you need to know about supply and demand.

Photo: Courtesy of Cent Pour Cent

Xtevie teaches us everything we need to know about economics and extracurriculars in new single “Dollars & Your Tongue.” It’s a versatile blend of pop and hip-hop elements where the gal shrewdly integrates head-kicking beats with rhythmic fluidity. With glass-cutting vocals that transmit her boss boldness, Xtevie shares her own nuggets of wisdom of being an entrepreneur and creative badass in modern era. Enjoy:

The track is based on the “theme of business and the different functions that make an enterprise successful came over me…distribution being a major one. But I wanted the song to be hot, so hinting at controlling the supply of something in demand came out in the form of ‘Dollars and Your Tongue’. I’m as much of a fan of economics as I am tequila and extracurriculars.”

“Dollars & Your Tongue” is the follow up of Xtevie’s debut single “Bakin” ft. Nevve. Xtevie is also the co-founder of the multimillion-dollar company Drybar and a trained sommelier – in other words, she’s a modern Super Woman.