Plaid Dracula Made A Glam Punk Song About Your Highly Questionable Relationship

“I don’t even like you”

Photo: Rachel Thalia Fisher

NYC-based trio Plaid Dracula captures the emotional turmoil and pubescent-like confusion we fall into when we engage in a very questionable relationship in their new single “No Reaction.” And by questionable, we mean the kind that gives you a mixture of WTF and its-okay feelings. There’s no better way to put it than comparing it to your relationship with Lindsay Lohan. You spent all your teen and early 20s quoting Mean Girlslike the Bible, but at some point, you realized that a comeback was just not gonna happen in this life. “No Reaction” nails that ambivalent state through its fingerpicked chords and edgy fuzziness that have been glossed with the blood of punk rock. It’s pure, questionably authentic, and makes you feel less guilty for flushing your hope down the toilette:

“This song is about questioning the foundation of a relationship that’s become very important to you without you even realizing it was happening. There’s all this time and energy invested in this person and in trying to show them who you are, and all of a sudden you’re not sure either of you is doing the other any favors by continuing to believe that’s an outcome that’s possible in this context.” shared the trio.

Plaid Dracula are Sam Gelernter (guitar), Ethan Schneider (drums), and Rachel Adler (bass) who describe their sound as a combination of “everything you ever loved about T-Rex and your dad singing in the shower.” Their parents are disappointed in them, so go give them emotional support:

7/12 – The Footlight (Queens, NY, USA)