BUNT.’s “Sure Don’t Miss You” Ft. The Dip Is Your Guide To Recovering Your Swag

Soulful electropop

Photo: Courtesy of Cent Pour Cent

German pop duo BUNT. takes us on a quest to recovering your swag back after heartbreak in new video “Sure Don’t Miss You” ft. The Dip. In “Sure Don’t Miss You,” BUNT. repackages pop with subtle details of jaunty soul and funk finds the perfect posh balance between heavy synthesizers and raw instruments. Co-directed by BUNT. and Oliver Thompson, “Sure Don’t Miss You” features a man who tries to mend his heartbreak in Crescent City:

“Our parents introduced us to jazz/soul at a very early age. Artists like Ray Charles, Etta James and Buena Vista Social Club were always playing at home. Since we had been blending classic genres like folk and Americana with electronic music in the past, it felt like a natural progression for us to try it with jazz and soul,” explained BUNT. “We came across the band The Dip after going down a rabbit hole of soul music and fell in love with them right away. Their sound had influences of the past with a fresh and modern twist. We loved working with them and collaborating on ‘Sure Don’t Miss You’!”

Hailing from Stuttgart, Germany, BUNT. is comprised of Nicolas Crispin and Levi Wijk who are currently signed to Geffen Records. They’re currently working on their first full-length album, which will be out later this summer.