Ships Have Sailed’s “Stay” Is An Ode To Our Ride-Or-Die

Indie pop

Photo: Gentle Giant Digital

LA-based duo Ships Have Sailed pays homage to those whom we can always count on (whether that is your friend, family or lover) in their new single “Stay” – starry indie pop piece that channels vintage 90s vibe. The riffs are accompanied with swelling, woozy synths that fluctuate between romanticism and reality. The video features the duo playing with glimpse of an intimate gathering of individuals in a neon-lit setting. Watch below:

“We all have that person, if we’re lucky more than one, who we know will stick with us no matter what…your ride or die,” explained lead singer/songwriter Will Carpenter.  “With ‘Stay’, I wanted to bottle that feeling into a dreamy, slightly retro aesthetic…we couldn’t be more excited to release this song into the world and feel people react.”

Ships Have Sailed broke into the scene with their debut EP Someday back in 2013. The duo is currently working on new music, which they’ll be sharing soon. For more details, ask them in person:

6/13 – Madame Siam (Los Angeles, CA, USA)