Marrakesh Embraces Imperfection In Perfect Choreography In “Defectively”

Imperfection in perfect dance

Photo: Courtesy of October Records

Brazilian quintet Marrakesh evinces the emotional turmoil and catharsis for embracing your imperfections in new video “Defectively” where we see a dancer express the tension that comes with achieving self-acceptance. The track is a blood-rushing affair that is coiled with the precision of rock, but clipped with groove-oriented notes of pop that yield an enigmatic sound. It sticks to you immediately and branches out to all the emotional sweet spots through its slick fluidity:

“‘Defectively’ was a big step for us as a band because it set apart what we did before and what we were about to do as a group. Bruno Tubino wrote ‘Defectively’ with his ex-girlfriend in a moment of extreme tension. We often feel the guilt of not being perfect and we try to be a flawless being, and it’s impossible to stick to this kind of goal. The song expresses acceptance and non-attachment towards this perfect ideal.” shared Marrakesh’s Daniel Tupy.

Formed in Curitiba back in 2014, Marrakesh broke into the scene with their debut EP Vassiliki, which landed them spots in international festivals (including Primavera) and various playlists. “Defectively” is out now via October Records and a taste of what the quintet has in store for us this year.