Cathedral Bells’ “Eight Wonder Of The World” Makes Dating Musicians Seem Like A Good Idea

They’re pretty tricky subspecies of human

Photo: Courtesy of Good Eye Records

There’s no in-between consequences when it comes to dating musicians – it’s either fantastic or horrible. If you break up with them, they’ll release an entire album based on the breakup where they’ll come up with some hooky chorus that keeps reiterating your flaws. But if things work out between you two, then there will be multiple catchy songs about what an amazing creature you are. Cathedral Bells’ latest single “Eight Wonder Of The World” exemplifies such idyllic scenario. It’s a shoegazey dream pop piece where CB smudges his earthbound sound with otherworldly atmosphere that floods you with frissons. Stream below:

“‘Eighth Wonder Of The World’ is my first love song written for my girlfriend, and now fiancé. She has been there for me since the start of this project and has helped me see the light and keeps me dreaming even in this cold, mysterious, and dark world.” shared Cathedral Bells.

Mathew Messore is the mastermind behind Cathedral Bells who released his debut self-titled EP back in February via Good Eye Records. He’s currently workin on new music and has some shows coming up:

6/18 – Will’s Pub (Orlando, FL, USA)

6/21 – Iron Cow (Orlando, FL, USA)

7/18 – Meatlocker (Montclair, NJ, USA)

7/19 – Snug Harbor Bar & Grill (New Paltz, NY, USA)