Gallant Cuts Through His Own Battle With Depression In “Sharpest Edges”

“You’ve got the sharpest edges I’ve ever seen”

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Grammy Award-nominated artist Gallant slithers through the layers of his vulnerability with an honest lyric sword in his latest R&B treat “Sharpest Edges.” Built on pointy and balanced prose, “Sharpest Edges” shuffles through Gallant’s own experiences handling depression where the smooth moodiness channel the furtive and pensive air of dealing with your inner tape incessantly. Enjoy:

Speaking on the influence of the track, Gallant shared, “There are two sides to every coin—a bunch of caskets buried underneath every vacation home. I had problems with depression for a long time because even though you get to choose your own outlook on life, it’s hard sometimes to ignore the bad shit, the mistakes you made and the things you could have done better. It’s easier to admit the world is full of sharp edges—and to make a goal to have as many close calls as you can.”

“Sharpest Edges” is from Gallant’s upcoming album, which is currently in the works.